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How to massage the prostate?

Jak na nasáź prostaty?

I perceive the men who come to me for a prostate massage primarily as men who at the given moment (weeks, months, years) usually already a serious health problem . The poor function of their prostate significantly affected the quality of their sex life. But above all, it significantly interferes with their normal everyday life.

How does it interfere? For example, problems with the male urinary system, increased frequency of visits to the toilet caused by a decrease in the flow of the urethra, which is oppressed by an enlarged and already swollen prostate, etc.

The prostate is located ad perineum (place between the testicles and the anus) , at the junction of the anus and the bladder. It is simply a few centimeters inside the anus upwards towards the navel. A healthy prostate is the size of a walnut . If it is already enlarged (swollen), its size can be up to the size of a chestnut.

Who should perform prostate massage?

Some men may be “lucky” in the fact that their wife or partner will try to give them such a massage. But the “unfortunate” may be that the first time it is not a pleasant experience . For the first time, it can spoil the overall impression or completely negate the prostate massage . A man can easily create a mental block

My recommendation is that at least the first few prostate massages be performed by a real prostate massage expert. That is why I am also a sought-after specialist for this massage. A massage from a male or female urologist is never comfortable. A urologist will never treat you as carefully and confidentially as I treat you. And not for long. The sterile white environment of the doctor’s office is not a symbol of trust and peace.

Prostate massage is among practices that require a specific atmosphere of calm, well-being and trust.

How do we perform a massage?

I describe how prostate massage works here . There may be minor differences, each man is an individual subject of my work.

Sex and the prostate?

This issue is so comprehensive and if I were to describe some of my experiences with clients, then it will be the content of the next separate post.

I look forward to you. You are in the best hands with me.

Marie – your personal masseuse



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