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Prostate and sexuality

Natural sexuality, i.e. intercourse with a partner, is the basis not only of cohabitation. But also the ability to function in a human community. For we are a gregarious species. In this way, the health of the prostate also affects your bonds and behavior in the group. Although there are significantly stronger influences that affect your group behavior, but that is for another chapter. Prostate and sexuality are connected vessels.

If your sex life is already past its youthful zenith and you are already in the age group of advanced fifties, you need to pay great attention to the care of your prostate. The prostate gland is the basis for a sufficiently high-quality sex life in middle age and later.

If possible, regular with a sufficient number of love-making per month has a positive effect on overall health. Making love is very beneficial for the male prostate. And even if you don’t have a girlfriend right now, masturbation is very healthy and is the way to a healthy prostate gland. Regular massaging of your penis has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by approximately half.

I’m talking about regular masturbation, not ejaculation. With increasing age, the number of ejaculations gradually decreases to the level of one ejaculation per month for a 60-year-old man, and it is nothing strange. On the contrary, more frequent ejaculation can weaken such a 60-year-old organism. It depends on the condition of your organism. It’s really highly individual. But back to sexuality…

Use every situation for safe sex. Anyone who is without a partner and tries to find a woman, whether for a serious acquaintance or just to find one for pleasure, obviously feels that the “quality” of women is also declining. But the reverse is true, gentlemen. 🙂 This would be another chapter again.

Make love, Masturbate, Masturbate, make love.

Several times a week really. If you are currently in a difficult stage of life, think about the beautiful moments of love that you have experienced. In the end, even tickling sites, movies or photos serve their purpose – if your goal is to maintain a healthy prostate.

So my prostate massage is your powerful weapon!

It will keep your prostate in good health. After my prostate massage, I recommend that you ejaculate in my shower. According to the evaluation of you, my “Men”, I am said to be a really nice “Mrs. Doctor”, so ejaculation in the shower should not be a problem for you. And it is really important to ejaculate as soon as possible after the prostate massage – released toxins from the prostate gland are washed away in the ejaculate.

Prostate gland is another name for prostate.


I look forward to you. You are in the best hands with me.


MarieKarolína – your personal masseuse, Massage Prague 2

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