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Prostate massage

Have health problems with excretion brought you to the doctor, when prostate health massage for the first time from a doctor?

Sound the alarm!

However, there is a high probability that something is already happening with your prostate … and then this massage may not be very pleasant for you. It can be so uncomfortable that the next time you hear the words prostate massage, you get goosebumps and say to yourself “thanks, I’d better not do this again.”

I have many men who like to seek prostate massage from me. Prostate massage brings them pleasant feelings, deep and intense experiences. More men achieve orgasm during prostate massage, which for them is comparable to orgasm during lovemaking or when massaging the penis.

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A small organ about the size of a walnut … governs a man’s sexual life and, together with the penis and testicles, symbolize male principles and masculinity. Prostate cancer is sometimes the only information a man gets about his prostate. The prostate is of great importance for a man’s sexual life and his long-term sexual harmony. Poor or weakened prostate function has an adverse effect on your health, your psyche and your sex life.

The role of the prostate?

The main task is the creation of a liquid called semen. Semen is a river for sperm to travel and allows them to survive.

Prostate massage empties fluid from your prostate ducts. Internal massage through the perineum is most effective. This internal massage can be a while for some. But it usually doesn’t last long

Incipient prostate problems:

When urinating: weak urination, weak stream of urine, frequent urination, pain when urinating, frequent urination at night, unwanted leakage of urine.

In your sex life : problems with erection, ejaculation begin, ejaculation is short, ejaculate is scarce – it has a peculiar smell, taste, appearance, prostate contractions during ejaculation are weak. Painful ejaculation.

Later, impotence can also appear, when a man is unable to achieve and maintain a sufficient erection. He gradually begins to lose interest in sex life and love. These indications may point to a disease or a weakening of the prostate.


Prostatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. The symptom is pain when urinating and pain around the groin and in the pelvic area.

A urologist can diagnose this prostate condition. He can test the fluid that comes from your prostatic ducts to see what’s causing the problem.

The possibility and effectiveness of prostate massage is the best way to treat prostatitis. This does not exclude the supportive use of vitamins and specialized drugs.

antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs due to the bad state of the prostate which relieve pressure and swelling by releasing the fluid accumulating in the prostate, more frequent prostate massage is an absolute necessity.

In more advanced stages of prostatitis, studies have shown the effectiveness of prostate massage several times a week along with the use of antibiotics. This combination provides relief from pain and pressure.

Prostate problems can be caused by:

On the physical plane:

  • exhaustion of the gonads due to frequent ejaculation
  • insufficient supply of nutrients that the genitals require
  • poor lifestyle
  • overacidification of the organism due to improper diet
  • mental tension, physical exhaustion, stress, overwork
  • intemperate life

On a psychological level:

  • misunderstanding, or tension between partners
  • accumulated resentment and anger,
  • demands and dissatisfaction in relation to women
  • an insensitive expression of a partner towards a man or his masculinity
  • overestimating one’s strengths
  • fear of failure
  • self-doubt and rejection of one’s masculinity
  • diseases – esp
  • diseases of the kidneys, bladder, diabetes, atherosclerosis, spinal canal injury, back problems, with digestion

Tao philosophy for proper prostate function encourages diet modification, prostate massage, testicular massage, application of herbs as prevention and treatment at the first signs of weakened prostate function. The teachings of the Tao place perhaps the greatest emphasis on the control of ejaculation . Yes, the energy storm in a man, i.e. your ejaculation, significantly drains energy, especially from the kidneys.

Taoism points out that insufficient erection is also caused a man’s weak sexual energy , as a result of frequent ejaculation , during which the man loses his life-giving essence in the form of semen, exhausts the energy of the kidneys and thus also his sexual power.

insufficient erection by developing your sexual energy and also by limiting your ejaculation (if that is your choice).

By limiting ejaculation, you will not lose sexual pleasure and your desired release in the form of an orgasm . When you learn to control your ejaculation, you can not only keep energy in your body and not lose your life force, but you can also experience orgasms repeatedly in a row. Think of it as an explosion in the lower abdomen, as pleasure and pleasure spread throughout your body.

Prostate massage is:

  • A good prevention for maintaining a healthy prostate.
  • Supportive therapy for problems. Massage helps with impotence, hair loss, adjusts the hormonal state in the body , solves the problem of hyperplasia (benign enlargement of the prostate) and can also have a positive effect on problems with incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine). Massage helps with initial problems with the prostate. More serious problems definitely belong in the hands of a doctor.

Prostate massage course

Optional initial shower. The massage takes place exclusively on my massage table. We try the massage for the first time in 3 positions. Every man is comfortable in a different position. Repeated massage already in a position that is comfortable for you. The massage has an introductory part, which is usually the longer one (individually), leading to the relaxation of the necessary muscle parts. The second part is the actual massage of the prostate gland.

Prostate massage can be performed externally or internally . I always try to perform prostate massage.
The effect is incomparably higher with internal massage through the anus.

The initial, longer part of the massage focuses on relaxing the desired muscles and gaining your trust. I massage your buttocks, massage the lower back and lower limbs. It is essential to really relax the whole body. I believe you will feel safe and comfortable with me.

After relaxing the muscle parts, I continue massaging the groin and perineum. I proceed slowly and move around your anus long enough before the internal massage. There are many nerve endings in the anus, which I activate significantly more during Anal Mapping. He has empathy and, based on your body’s reactions, I will spot the right moment when I should go inside and start the second final part of the message, i.e. my own prostate gland massage

Of course we can communicate with each other during the massage. Don’t like something? Do you have “weird” strange feelings? Do you feel an immediate urge to jump to the toilet? Of course, comment now! Or do you feel I should try something different?

For your first prostate massage, we will try an internal massage in three positions to find out which one is best for you.
This is usually the position on the back. The actual prostate massage lasts from a few minutes to 12 or more minutes. For at least 1/5 of my men, it is so exciting that they have a very high-quality erection.

After finishing your own massage, you take a shower, during which I recommend that you achieve ejaculation. Extremely healthy. You flush out the released toxins from your prostate.

Order your HEALTHY Prostate Massage.

I look forward to you.

MarieKarolína – personal masseuse & therapist, MassagePrague 2 Vinohrady


By adjusting the diet, our entire state of health can be improved.

Here, however, be aware of the facts that today’s caloric value of food (including fruits and vegetables) that we buy in grocery chains and the vast majority of other stores is disastrous. Fruits and vegetables are harvested undercut, i.e. they have practically no vitamins in them, sometimes they are further modified for appearance before being sold… etc.

Similarly ineffective or only with min. the content is in the vast majority of vitamin preparations, which are available in pharmacies from the distribution of pharmaceutical concerns. You study and don’t buy those strong vitamin preparations. Do not rely on daily doses (DDD data). E.g. for magnesium, the correct daily intake value is around 500 mg. But most of them state that the DDD is around 120-150mg. Similarly, vitamin C should be up to 1g per day. More in winter.

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