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New Prostate Massage website

After many, many years, I received a complete redesign of my website. Due to many comments on the obsolescence of the website’s design, a lot of information of different types in one place, and last but not least, problems with its accessibility, the “three minutes to twelve” situation arose. Where is my new website?

Thanks to the dedicated work of the programmer and another person closest to me, I managed to put a total of five websites into operation in about 4-5 weeks. Today, as of June 16, 2023, practically four of the finals have been completed. And that is my main website MassagePrague.Info about massages, touch therapies, rituals and relaxation and several other services. Furthermore, a separate website about tantra massages TantraPraha.Info and a separate website about the very popular relaxation of tickling

This weekend with tea and wine to this achievement, albeit many, many months late. I thank my colleagues for their great efforts. And finally this new website MasazProstaty.Info. I would like all of you men who already know about your very important organ, more precisely about your prostate gland, which is, among other things, the basis of your satisfied sex life. Hence this website. You can find me better and faster on the net inform yourself about the possibilities and come to, for example, your first prostate massage. You men who are already aware of the need to take care of your prostate and pamper it, then I believe that we will also soon look into each other’s eyes during your prostate massage.

I would like you to feel free to write your contributions, questions and experiences Prostate massage Each of us is a lifelong learner. Even I, as an authority on prostate massage, will listen carefully to your voice. I look forward to it, and it gives me immense pleasure if I can help you.


MarieKarolína, your personal masseuse & therapist

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