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A man’s happiness is a healthy prostate.

Male Happiness - Factors of a healthy prostate |

I published an article on the topic Factors of a healthy prostate. A man’s happiness is a healthy prostate. After publishing the post, I realized in a few days that I was publishing strategic information that I have in the field of Prostate Health and Prostate Massage, which I studied, tested on men, and gradually […]

Online booking for prostate massage

Online booking for prostate massage |

My time burden to deal with your orders has increased considerably after the new sites. By streamlining the offer into several websites according to specific issues, i.e. apart from this website for prostate massage in Prague, into separate websites about Tantra massages and about experiential Tickling therapy and, of course, my main website about massages […]

Prostate and sexuality

Простата и сексуальность |

Natural sexuality, i.e. intercourse with a partner, is the basis not only of cohabitation. But also the ability to function in a human community. For we are a gregarious species. In this way, the health of the prostate also affects your bonds and behavior in the group. Although there are significantly stronger influences that affect […]

New Prostate Massage website

Masáž prostaty | MasazProstaty.Info

After many, many years, I received a complete redesign of my website. Due to many comments on the obsolescence of the website’s design, a lot of information of different types in one place, and last but not least, problems with its accessibility, the “three minutes to twelve” situation arose. Where is my new website? Thanks […]

How to massage the prostate?

I perceive the men who come to me for a prostate massage primarily as men who at the given moment (weeks, months, years) usually already a serious health problem . The poor function of their prostate significantly affected the quality of their sex life. But above all, it significantly interferes with their normal everyday life. […]

Masáž prostaty |

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